Nov. 10, 2016 at the Grand Midway


Tonight’s first DVD movie at the Coffeehouse was the original Slap Shot, filmed on location in and around Johnstown, PA (about 8 miles west of where I sit this minute). Way back when, my Mom and I sat the stands of the War Memorial ice rink as they filmed a couple scenes (Paul Newman, skating around, bloodied and with his uniform ripped off after a fight). Ah,memories….

Ran down to the local supermarket for hot chocolate (Blair was just out). Mention that Slap Shot was written by Nancy Dowd, based on experiences of her brother Ned (who played for Johnstown) triggered a quick google session. So now we know she also co-wrote Coming Home (picking up an Oscar in the process) and several other films.

As if that one wasn’t raunchy enough, next up was Seth Rogan’s  animated comedy…


Incidentally, tonight’s coffee selections were Chocolate Raspberry and Dunkin Donuts Regular blend. And now I’m listening to a REAL hockey game: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Minn. Wild on 105.9 The X, via I Heart Radio (and the Midway’s free Wi-Fi). Also telling others about my newly published erotic vampire horror story.

More later…in all probability.



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