Erotic Vampire Horror Published

“Appraised Risk,” a tale of erotic vampire horror and my newest work of short fiction, has been published by the online site DEADMAN’S TOME. All potential readers please be aware: This is a rather extreme piece, with explicit sex and violence. That said, I think it is a powerful and effective work. And it is free to read!

Here’s the link:

I should note that this site has a somewhat unusual method of payment. Authors are paid based on the number of people who read, like and/or comment on the story. They total all those up after one year and send money along via Paypal. So if you happen to read the story and feel so inclined, find the ‘like’ button below the text. If you do so, a small ‘comment’ icon will appear and you can scroll down a bit, click there and tell me what you think of it (again, only if you feel like doing so). Each step is a FREE way for you to support a freelance writer (uh, that would be me), and will be very sincerely appreciated.

But if such isn’t your thing, that’s fine. I write a lot of different stuff, and maybe some of my other work would appeal to you. A good sampling is available from my Amazon page:

Best wishes to all my readers–and to all of my fellow Americans, in the aftermath of a bruising election!

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