November 3, 2016 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s coffeehouse opens with a Brad Pitt/Ray Liota gangster movie I’ve never seen….


Pittsburgh area poet Skot Jones is on hand (visiting for a week). Talked with him about a cool-sounding multimedia website (poetry, art, videos, etc) that he’s putting together and hopes to have up by the end of the month. Long train of coal cars rumbling past the front door as the early arrivals wander in…

Talks about immortality (“How do I know I’m NOT immortal? I haven’t tried to die yet!”), experiences of friends in the military and how Tanner found out a neighbor was stealing the Midway’s Wi-Fi. Tonight’s coffees: Dunkin Donuts Regular and (’tis the season) Pumpkin Spice. Two musically oriented folks talked about big companies like Fender suing smaller outfits for putting out exact copies of their guitars (and other equipment), as well as comparing notes on all manner of related devices.

Also: Talk about various low budget movies and scenes from Dracula. Meanwhile, DVD video #2 was a big-budget one (if only for a  few minutes)…


Then Blair went with another (new to me) crime movie that one of the night’s guests brought…


Spirited chess match ongoing; people posting on Facebook or watching the DVD movie. And me? I just spent over an hour watching episodes of THE GREAT WAR on You tube (recapping events of World War One, week by week. “100 years ago this week”–appalling but fascinating for history buffs, like me).  Various cannibal movies were being discussed, as well.

Enough for now, huh? Probably post more later, as usual.



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