October 27th at the Grand Midway, Part 2

If you haven’t seen an image from last weekend’s guided tours, here is the unholy “Brother James” (me) holding forth beside a photo of the Midway’s most famous ghost, Dear Tragic Martha…



A chess match between costumed ghouls rages, as a tarot card reading takes place and the night’s 3rd movie is the (intensely) dumb ‘fun’ of,,,


Which proves too stupid/gross even for OUR sensibilities. So halfway through, Blair switched off to…


My battery low, Blair generously lets me plug in…so I’ll hold off posting this a while more.

It seems the Penguins beat the Isles 4-2 off a strong 3rd period. Great to have Crosby back in action.

Other people enjoying the free Wi-Fi; talking cars and movies and (inevitably) a little politics. And a booth-load of folks played some sort of card game.

All in all, a good night here at the Midway–and regards to all!.




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