October 27 at the Grand Midway, Part 1

The Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s (haunted) Grand Mdiway Hotel opened as usual at 5 PM. Blair rearranged things slightly in the aftermath of the highly successful guided tours over the weekend (the coffee, tea, cocoa station is now just inside the main entrance with the wide screen moved to the side.

And tonight’s first movie, MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN!


Tonight’s coffees: Pumpkin Spice and Dunkin Donuts’ regular blend. Much talk about the tours and if it will result in new people coming to the coffeehouse.

I talked to Blair about the connection between the so-called “year without a summer” and Frankenstein. In 1816 a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia put so much dust in the upper atmosphere that world temperatures were held down for months (people ice skating on the Thames in June; wet laundry freezing on the lines in New England in July). And that was when the Percy and Mary Shelley, John Polidori and Lord Byron huddled together beside Lake Geneva–they got bored at one point and amused themselves making up scary stories. The  most famous result was, of course, FRANKENSTEIN.

It’s a rainy but mild evening. 3 cats were out in the Maisson de Meow before dark–so I went over for a quick visit. Blair asked me to be one of the official witnesses tomorrow when people come to measure the giant Ouiji Board painted on the roof (so I’ll be scaling a ladder to check it out in person). As further encouragement (?) Blair just informed me that the guy who designed the modern Ouiji Board died in 1927 from falling off a roof (thanks, Blair!).

After certain younger folks head home, the next movie…


Meanwhile, free pizza! Probably goes great with pumpkin spice coffee–but I was too slow, for once (hanging my head in shame).


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