Horror Story Published


Today–just in time for Halloween–the ebook horror anthology 9 Tales Told In The Dark #18 has been released. My historical horror story “Holding Action” (set in the war-torn nightmare that was Paraguay in 1870) is among the stories included in this latest volume from Bride of Chaos, Inc. The book is available exclusively from Amazon and in honor of our favorite holiday, it is going for  a mere 99 cents (rather than the typical $2.99)!

My Page at Amazon (www.amazon.com/author/leejim) is a great place to check out this and many other books (old and new, print and/or electronic) that I’ve contributed to. There’s also bio info, a few photos and other items of interest. So check it out!

While I’m indulging in a bit of shameless self-promotion, I might as well also note the fun I had last night (and hope to duplicate this evening) as one of the costumed crew conducting guided pre-Halloween tours of Windber, PA’s fabled haunted hotel–The Grand Midway. I portray ‘Brother James”–a humble (?) Monk of the Unholy Order of the Supernatural & the Weird–and one of my duties involves introducing our visitors to the most famous of the building’s several ghosts, the tragic Martha. The young lady–only 19–died when standing on the hotel balcony when a 4th of July fireworks shell exploded too soon in 1911. In moments she was gone. But NOT forever: Her ghost still haunts the building, wandering aimlessly through the halls and in then out of the ancient structure’s 32 rooms.

So I get to indulge my hammy/actor side.

What great ghoulish fun!!!!

Final note: You don’t necessarily need a Kindle to enjoy Amazon-purchased ebooks. They offer a free app that will enable you to read such ebooks on pretty much any e-reader, computer or other text-capable device.

This ends the shameless self-promotion (till next time, at least). Have a Great Halloween!


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