October 20th at the Grand Midway


The Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel opened its usual Thursday night session at 5:00 PM. The opening DVD: Stephen King’s ROSE RED. A train rumbled past as Blair outlined my role in the upcoming guided tours of the building (this Friday and Saturday nights). Tonight is the usual $3/person, while the tours are $10.

A bright yellow Pokemon and a reasonable facsimile of The Crow were among the early arrivals. People were debating the best places to get Halloween costumes. Chess matches got underway around me. Blair mentioned that a crew from the local TV station (WJAC, Channel 6) showed up at 4:30 THIS MORNING for a live story about the giant ouija board on the roof. Here’s  a link for all interested parties: http://bit.ly/2eV7410.

A bit later, a great fun movie…


Go Ash go…!

Camille Z’s idea of post-pregnancy exercise: doing acrobatics on a big metal hoop suspended above the coffee lounge’s stage. Kind of amazing, but then so is everything at this place.

And now Blair is taking me upstairs to run through my part as one of the ‘tour guides’ for this weekend’s tour of this Haunted Hotel. Good time to post my 1st blog of the evening, huh?




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