October 6 at the Midway, Part 2

More chess matches! Debate about heavy metal covers. Walking sticks and homemade Roman sandals (complete with straps to wrap around the wearer’s legs). Ah, all parts of the fun strangeness that is the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s Fabled Grand Midway Hotel.

And Blair is consulting with a regular attendee on cover art/design for his next book.

Tonight I kept getting snack foods as day-after-my-birthday presents. What can I say? People here KNOW me!

And tonight’s last DVD movie is…


The Raven with John Cusack as Poe, trying to solve a murderous mystery connected to his own horror stories.

I bought a used book (14 writers discussing the works of Stephen King).

Out on the porch: talk about old cars, vaping vs actual smoking, and some of our small town’s oldest buildings. Inside: latest in an near-endless series of chess matches continues as my battery runs down. So it looks like this is my last post of the evening.

Everybody have a good night!



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