September 15, 2016 at the Midway


Yes, tonight’s first video at the Coffee Lounge was an episode of the ANCIENT ALIENS. Quickly (thankfully?) replaced by…


Not too many people have made it in tonight. A number of regulars report being ill with flu-like symptoms. Anyway, those you showed have been discussing various subjects (as always) along with guzzling coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Yours truly plunked down at extra buck for some chocolate brownies.

There was considerable early talk about THE WIZARD OF OZ (books, movies, the “Dark Side of the Moon” connection and even a bunch of off-duty/high soldiers reenacting scenes–oh, and of course Maguire’s revisionist OZ books).

Later, politics were discussed, temp jobs, ongoing prep work for a new (non-franchise) restaurant coming to our small town, assorted advanced military tech and a swarm of politically incorrect (to the max) jokes. Once THE MATRIX came and went, it was on to…


A bit of chess was played as well, I noticed. Maybe it’s time for me to check the used books for something of interest…?

If anything else of interest pops up, I shall report it. Till then adieu!



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