September 8 at the Grand Midway, Part 2

From YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN we go a whole different way–with the Crispin Glover version of WILLARD. The extra screen ran Del Toro’s version of THE WOLFMAN.

Meanwhile, I snagged another free book at the Grand Midway tonight. This time I decided to go the classic literature route: JOSEPH ANDREWS by 18th century novelist Henry Fielding. Two of the younger set of attendees were pounding on the piano (until one has t head home with dad–school tomorrow). Another porch discussion involved the benefits (psychological as well as physical) of eating healthier and losing excess weight. Later, a couple regulars were advising a third about possible solutions to her car’s radiator/cooling system problems.

Another regular showed two newcomers around. Then Syn did separate tarot card readings for one of them. Two other people compared scheduled/upcoming surgical procedures. And in her ongoing effort to–playfully–embarrass yours truly as much as possible–Ms.Berns also told the newbies all about the holiday I portrayed “Halloween Candy” here, a few years ago. Gee, thanks partner!)

So–what the hell–I just gotta post the photographic evidence. Accordingly…


On that score, I think it might be time to close for the night. Everybody have a great and freaky night…


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