September 29 at the Grand Midway

Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first video playing at tonight’s Shangri-La Coffee Lounge. Meanwhile, 3 cats were out and about to be petted at the Maison de Meow–incessant light rain notwithstanding. A good crowd came in early. I spent a good deal of time going over a short novel by Mark T (a recent addition to […]

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Reviewed: NEW EARTH

New Earth by Ben Bova. (SF novel, 2013). I felt in the mood for a bit of ‘hard science’ via space exploration. Considering the author, this looked like a good bet. After all, Bova is a true veteran (a respected writer/editor in the field with 6 Hugo Awards to his credit). I’ve enjoyed his work consistently […]

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Price Break from

Not all my short stories are available from Amazon. The above anthology of erotic science fiction stories from Britain’s Horrified Press (which includes one of mine) is for sale in the US exclusively from From now thru Sept. 26, this (and all other print books and calendars from lulu) can be bought for 20% […]

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Sept. 22 at the Grand Midway

1st day of Autumn! The decorative tombstones are out front! Inside, I spent a while talking writing with a self-published horror author (who says he’s going to dedicate a future book to me!?). The night’s first movie: Urban Legend! A GIANT Ouji Board pointer arrived here tonight, now standing in the corner (towering over all […]

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Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone (Novel, 1974). This one is very much a creature of its times (set in fading days of America’s disastrous ‘Vietnam Adventure’). Converse, a sketchy American hack writer and ‘journalist’ shuffling aimlessly through war-ravaged and chaotic Saigon, foolishly involves himself in a heroin smuggling operation. He enlists Ray, a former-marine buddy he […]

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