August 11 at the Grand Midway


Tonight’s first movie at the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge is…the Brendan Fraser version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Complete with crappy 3-D glasses!

Meanwhile, a self-published novelist (Mark Trimeloni) came by. Mark writes mostly horror-oriented stuff. I bought a copy of his current novel. Blair, Stephen, Amber and I talked writing and other creative endeavors with him. Stephen then took him on a tour of the haunted hotel, including the many uniquely decorated rooms and various ghost stories.

4-year-old Milo brought out the wheelchair; Blair wheeled him around with squeals of delight–then they switched places, a minor ‘ouchy’ resulting when an over-enthusiastic Milo caught his foot in a wheel (he was fine again within minutes).

Thunder boomers upset Jeter the Dog, so Ed took him upstairs. And now,  the night’s 2nd movie is….p31064_p_v8_af

After a very slow start, an influx of guests (regulars and otherwise) have made for a decent crowd at the Midway.

Blair is talking about several of the local writers together for a signing at a future coffeehouse night.




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