Tea with Jam and Dread by Tamar Myers (mystery novel, 2016). This one’s the latest in a popular series of cozy murder mysteries set in the fictional village of Hernia, PA (population 2,200 or so) and narrated by Magdalena Yoder, owner of the PennDutch Inn and highly successful amateur sleuth. “Mags” is nominally a pious Mennonite […]

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The End of All Things by John Scalzi (SF novella collection, 2015). This entertaining book of space-going high adventure and political/diplomatic maneuverings combines four novellas (previously published as separate e-books) into a most satisfying whole. It’s part of the highly successful future history series that began more than a decade ago with the novel Old Man’s […]

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A Stephen King Trilogy

Beginning in 2014, Stephen King has released the above books, one per year–a trio of satisfyingly powerful and interrelated suspense/crime/horror novels. The trilogy takes place in an unnamed city in the Great Lakes area. The jumping off point for all that follows is a mass-killing that a fame-seeking madman commits in 2009, during the worst […]

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Cover Art Revealed!

Here at last is the cover art for the e-book anthology 9 Tales From Elsewhere #9, to be published on September 9 but available now from Amazon’s Kindle store for $2.99. 9 science fiction and fantasy stories, including my suspenseful space war story “All or Nothing.”

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August 11, Part 2

The night’s 3rd movie was Stargate: People coming and going at the coffeehouse (mostly coming in, of late). Porch talk: Various people comparing how well or badly (mostly badly) assorted companies treat their employees. The pulling/towing capabilities of different types of pickups and light trucks were discussed. Others talked about maternity policies of various companies (and […]

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August 11 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s first movie at the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge is…the Brendan Fraser version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Complete with crappy 3-D glasses! Meanwhile, a self-published novelist (Mark Trimeloni) came by. Mark writes mostly horror-oriented stuff. I bought a copy of his current novel. Blair, Stephen, Amber and I talked writing and other creative […]

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