July 14th at The Grand Midway, Part 2

300posterFor the coffeehouse’s 3rd movie of the evening, Blair went off the (intentional) comedy theme with 300. Attendance was pretty thin tonight (owing to the hot humid temps, no doubt), mostly regulars.

I’d been playing with the denizens of the Maison De Meow (the outdoor, 2-story feline play area on the side of the Grand Midway)–or trying to. Merlin, Egypt and Pineapple all laying around disinterested/beating the heat. Only the black and white feline (Japan) comes over to push against the chicken wire and demand attention (meowing accusingly whenever I stop thrusting my fingers in to give more pets).

I got an email from the editor of an e-zine that recently published a horror story of mine. He’s planning a reprint anthology of the best stories and wants to include my work. No further details yet–but a definite feel-good moment!

What kinds of stuff gets discussed/shown off around here? People tonight were comparing surgical scares and planned tattoos, talking about the ridiculously small towns they grew up in (which made Windber here sound like the big city), the history of Halloween, assorted sexual jokes, what it’s like to be tasered, Zeke’s Zombie Coffee Blend and the swarms of Pokemon Go players that now come out as darkness falls.

One of hosts of the TV show Haunted Collector (which devoted an episode to exploring the Grand Midway’s secrets) has dropped by for a visit (and pose for photos/selfies with attendees).


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