July 7, 2016 at the Grand Midway

ZD-GhoulTonight’s Shangri-La Coffee Lounge got underway with multiple DVD episodes of The Munsters playing, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brewing, and somebody (okay, yours truly) bringing in a batch of wild-picked fresh raspberries for the denizens of our favorite haunted hotel to enjoy. Oh, and here’s yet another still shot from the Zombie Dream movie–filmed here (and at numerous other PA locations).

Above average-sized crowd here in first couple hours–including several folks who came in semi-goth costumes (and have been playing chess). Other attendees have been involved in a role-playing card game. Meanwhile (for reasons I’m at a loss to explain) I’ve made use of the free Wi-Fi to watch several short You-Tube war documentaries. I also tracked down the guidelines to another small press Sci-Fi print mag (not huge paying but a new market is a new market). Blair says he wants me to reprise my Granpa Munster bit for Halloween this year…we’ll see. He’s planning more guided tours of the building for then.

I just checked on the 2 stories I have on the word-press-based horror zine DEADMAN’s TOME. The historical/erotic vampire story (‘The Vampire Nymph”) has had several nice comments (including a couple from pro writers). If anybody wants to check them out (they’re free to read and my pay is based on how many people read it. hit the like button/comment on it and/or share it), so here are the links:







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