June 23 at the Midway, Part 2

zA slow rainy night at the Coffeehouse. Blair let me pick the night’s 3rd DVD: ZOMBIELAND. (Had to get away from the end of relationship flicks!)

I did pick up 3 more volumes from the free book table–1 of them an old Mike Shayne mystery novel (pulp adventure lit), 1 urban nonfiction (about gangs, druggies, teen runaways and a preacher out to help them) and a thick Tom Wolfe novel (i.e. high-class literature).

There were some interesting, if typically odd, topics discussed tonight. These included maybe building fake walls on BOTH sides of the US-Mexican border (perhaps with Legos that you could step over–so as to irritate the hell out of/make fun of both sides); the embarrassment felt upon realizing you’ve been accidentally drinking from other people’s coffee cup and that mystery underwear that somehow ended up under Blair’s bed (no comment). And then there was the girl juggling/playing with her glow-in-the-dark balls…

Time to sign off for the night, I think.


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