June 23 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s coffeehouse features a new flavor–Parker’s Maple Cinnamon (not half-bad, I found)–along with Dunkin’ Donuts Regular Blend. The first DVD of the evening was FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, followed by THE BREAK-UP ( I sense a theme).

New resident Nathan F. has been moving in tonight. A spirited card game is ongoing a couple booths from me right now. Earlier there was talk of a voodoo doll employed as practical joke at a certain local place of business. Unrelated talk about the burial sites/ashes of various people–including how the new head of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is having Alan Freed’s ashes removed from there (note: Freed,  a Windber native and the pioneer DJ who popularized ‘rock’ while working for a Cleveland station, is the REASON the Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland)!

Ah, the world is weird…zombie  Here’s a blast from the past: A couple rural zombies, as seen in Blair’s movie, ZOMBIE DREAM.


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