June 16 at the Midway, Part 1

220px-IdolmakerRain, thunder, lightning and wind–what a great night for the weekly Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s fabulously haunted Grand Midway Hotel!

Owner Blair Murphy has invested on several new flavors of designer coffees and teas. To start the night off, I sampled SAM’S CHOICE MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE. Not bad at all. The old reliable DUNKIN DONUTS Regular Blend is available as well…

The DVD of THE IDOL MAKER, a rock n roll musical, finished up. Next up: ALMOST FAMOUS–evidently he’s in a musical kind of mood.

Ron S and company are on the scene, doing their role playing card game thing. And Chef Thom has dropped by.almost

Chess and checker matches going on in various booths; I’ve been sharing my news (2 horror stories accepted for a word-press- based webzine today) and tonight, so far, has seen the best crowd here in several weeks.

Porch conversations: Several regulars have been comparing notes about twisted branches of their family trees. Then (along with one newcomer) there were numerous cat stories (the Grand Midway crowd tends to be pet-friendly–especially cat-oriented).

Tonight’s 3rd DVD: GET HIM TO THE GREEK, juts getting going now.

Internet going very slow tonight–possibly weather-related. But in any case, this might be my only blog post tonight.



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