June 9th at the Midway, Part 2

Windber’s Thursday night tradition goes on at the Grand Midway, our small town’s fabulously haunted hotel! Three of the Midway cats were out on the ground floor of their multi-story outdoor Cat Heaven (the Maison De Meow) and lined up to get ‘pets’ from yours truly through the chicken wire enclosure. Oddly, Merlin (normally the most attention-hungry of the crew was the only one not outside). Elsewhere:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI’s “Dude” and friends are running amok as people begin to arrive in decent numbers at the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge. The usual good selection of designer coffee blends/herbal teas/hot chocolate/etc–plus snacks, gift items (voodoo dolls, huge and long-lasting incense sticks and more!), used books (some free), DVDs, etc. , etc.

Ron S & his gamers are assembling on the front porch, planning a new campaign.

Looking natty as hell, cinematographer Jamie E has stopped by.

The never ending renovations/artistic enhancement of the Grand Midway continues apace with a load of lumber courtesy regular Mark P.

As LEBOWSKI’s end credits run, your truly gets ready to shift over to I heart Radio for the Pens-Sharks Stanley Cup final action (no free streaming video available and I don’t have an aerial for the NBC broadcast. Ah, well, not certain but this may be my last blog post of the evening, sogood night all!frank


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