Coffeehouse Nights: June 2, 2016

coffee loungeAs many of you know, coffeehouse owner/operator  Blair Murphy is also a low-budget filmmaker (yours truly had a small speaking roll in his ZOMBIE DREAM feature film). He has  just unleashed a  great new project on the internet, celebrating films produced and/or set in our region (Central Pennsylvania). Check out: for lots of fascinating stuff!

As the night’s Shangri-La Coffee Lounge got underway the animated version of LORD OF THE RINGS was playing; but Blair soon switched off to one of his guiltiest of guilty pleasures: The ANCIENT ALIENS series. Later on came WILD HOGS the motorcycle comedy with Travolta, Tim Allen and others.

Young Milo got a kindly education in hockey from an attendee.

Elsewhere, chess was played; the cats were visited; Jeter the dog got walked.

I used the free Wi-Fi here to catch up on recent performance videos of local musicians (and posted a couple I most liked).

And the rain comes down…


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