June 23 at the Midway, Part 2

A slow rainy night at the Coffeehouse. Blair let me pick the night’s 3rd DVD: ZOMBIELAND. (Had to get away from the end of relationship flicks!) I did pick up 3 more volumes from the free book table–1 of them an old Mike Shayne mystery novel (pulp adventure lit), 1 urban nonfiction (about gangs, druggies, […]

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June 23 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s coffeehouse features a new flavor–Parker’s Maple Cinnamon (not half-bad, I found)–along with Dunkin’ Donuts Regular Blend. The first DVD of the evening was FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, followed by THE BREAK-UP ( I sense a theme). New resident Nathan F. has been moving in tonight. A spirited card game is ongoing a couple booths from […]

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Over The Threshold by Jim Lee

Go to DEADMANSTOME.wordpress.com to read this, my new horror story DEADMAN’S TOME The Nation was in turmoil—felt simultaneously threatened and neglected, from within and from without. To some it seemed it had always been and always would be so. But for now the four young people allowed themselves pride in their accomplishment and hope for […]

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Horror Story Published

The wordpress.com-based website DEADMAN’S TOME posted a new contemporary horror story of mine (“Over the Threshold”) today. As payments are based on the number of people who read, like, comment on and share stories posted there, I encourage anybody interested to visit the site and read my work. Thanks!

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The Tell-Tale Horse by Rita Mae Brown (novel, 2007). The last couple books I’ve reviewed have been serious, thoughtful and moving personal memoirs. As a change of pace, today I consider an entertaining murder mystery–the sixth of a series having to do with the world of fox hunters that Rita Mae Brown has been writing for […]

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