June 23 at the Midway, Part 2

A slow rainy night at the Coffeehouse. Blair let me pick the night’s 3rd DVD: ZOMBIELAND. (Had to get away from the end of relationship flicks!) I did pick up 3 more volumes from the free book table–1 of them an old Mike Shayne mystery novel (pulp adventure lit), 1 urban nonfiction (about gangs, druggies, […]

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June 23 at the Grand Midway

Tonight’s coffeehouse features a new flavor–Parker’s Maple Cinnamon (not half-bad, I found)–along with Dunkin’ Donuts Regular Blend. The first DVD of the evening was FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, followed by THE BREAK-UP ( I sense a theme). New resident Nathan F. has been moving in tonight. A spirited card game is ongoing a couple booths from […]

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Horror Story Published

The wordpress.com-based website DEADMAN’S TOME posted a new contemporary horror story of mine (“Over the Threshold”) today. As payments are based on the number of people who read, like, comment on and share stories posted there, I encourage anybody interested to visit the site and read my work. Thanks!

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The Tell-Tale Horse by Rita Mae Brown (novel, 2007). The last couple books I’ve reviewed have been serious, thoughtful and moving personal memoirs. As a change of pace, today I consider an entertaining murder mystery–the sixth of a series having to do with the world of fox hunters that Rita Mae Brown has been writing for […]

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