May 26 at Shangri-La, Part 1

Solitary_man_poster-203x300The last weekly coffeehouse of May is in full swing! Tonight’s first DVD was THE LABYRINTH (David Bowie, etc); tarot cards are now being read; Milo is running rampant (though in mostly cute way, despite knocking over the creepy butler cutout); good number of people are starting to come in….

Outside at the Maison De Meow (multi-level play area for four of the buildings cats): Pineapple is the ground-floor level (meowing and rubbing up against the chicken wire to receive petting from yours truly); one level up: Merlin (looking on with interest); two more levels up: Egypt (who acts too cool to care); finally, posing languidly at the 2nd floor window leading to the four feline’s home/room: Japan.

The 2nd movie is a new one to me: SOLITARY MAN (supposedly offbeat comedy with Michael Douglas–we shall see!).

Blair’s free book table is still available (I just snagged MEMPHIS AFTERNOONS by James Conway–heard of him/finally going to give him a try).

Had a porch-side chat with Midway resident Steve H. during his break from his nearby DOLLAR GENERAL job. He and his cat just moved into Chef Tom’s former room.

A couple young folks playing chess; others using free wi-fi; a swarm of tobacco fiends on the front porch debating those electronic cigarette thingies (no smoking INSIDE the coffeehouse!)…and classic animated movie PRINCESS MONONOKE the night’s 3rd DVD!

Another half-hour to the Penguin playoff game (at which time i’ll be over on I HEART RADIO, savoring Mike Lange & Phil Bourque’s broadcasting skills. Might not post much during that, so…



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