May 19 at the Shangri-La, part 2

our Intrepid Leader

Above: Our Intrepid Leader: Grand Midway owner Blair Murphy.

Nice crowd tonight at the Grand Midway. Newcomers, old standbys, etc.

But now, with SCHOOL OF ROCKS over, Blair makes a dubious choice for the next DVD movie…JACKASS: THE MOVIE? A flick that starts with a ‘Don’t try any of this nonsense in this movie’ kind of disclaimer…sorry, not my thing. But to each his/her own and there’s lots of other things to do here.

Time for more Dunkin’ Donuts Blend and maybe snag another free book or two from the front table!!!

Then an experiment: A cup of (I kid you not) Maple Apple Cider Herbal Tea (one attendee CRINGED at my very mention of it). It was a bit odd, but not terrible (but this from me–no accounting for taste, yes?).

Meanwhile, Ron S has been teaching a new card game to an unsuspecting victim (and managed to lose).

Michelle B has brought some friends interested in ghost hunting in for the evening (what better place to show ’em, huh?).

Went back outside a while back to offer more pets to the various cats. Merlin was there on the ground floor, Japan saw me and immediately descended a couple levels to get his share of the attention. No sign of Egypt this time, while Pineapple declined to descend the four levels from the 2nd Floor window where the feline crew hangs out when not enjoying the now-nice weather.

And mention should be made of the new Grand Midway “Butler”–a nicely creepy mannequin posted between the main coffee lounge and the adjoining room.

Having endured JACKASS, now it’s on to…THE MOTHMAN PROPHESIES (Richard Gere investigating weird stuff in West Virginia).



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