May 19 at Shangri-La, Part 1

Ar Midway tonightThe Grand Midway–Windber’s Haunted Hotel–has another of its weekly coffeehouse’s going, even as you read this.

Today’s first movie on DVD: Jack Black’s comedy SCHOOL OF ROCK. The resident dogs (including 3-legged Greta and tiny attention whore Jeter) are on the scene, while the 4 cats are out and about in the outdoor ‘cat-walk’ (Maison D’Meow–a multi-storey, chicken-wire enclosed thingie along the side of the building).

Thom the Chef and Blair are showing two newcomers around (and recounting tales of the resident ghosts, the origin of the angel of death statue in the corner and other fun stuff). Meanwhile, George S. is surveying the basement (renovations forthcoming) and our resident tarot card reader has arrived (and was just badgering me about how soon I was going to write my Best Selling Novel–gee, Syn, I’ve written FOUR new short stories in two weeks–NOT good enough?!).


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