May 12, 2016: Coffeehouse part 2

A slow night here at the Shangri-La, so this is likely my last update of the evening. Still, some interesting things…

Before it got dark, I established that I am–after a fashion–a pussy magnet. Merlin, Blair’s big, snow-white house cat was out and about in the outdoor cat-walk attached to the side of the Midway.I went over to pet him through the chicken wire. One by one, Egypt then Japan then Pineapple noted their ‘roommate’ was getting attention and came out the 2nd story window, climbed down and got themselves their share of ‘pets.’

A few younger folks did come in and played various games (Sorry, checkers, chess and tick-tack-tow).

I found another Free Book to read.

Older folks were talking politics (national and local).

And after INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE ended, it’s now on (appropriately enough) to QUEEN OF THE DAMNED.

Good night to all (in advance)!


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