Reviewed: 2 Books From the ’60s

Today I’m reviewing the two books seen below–they’re wildly different in tone, theme, structure, intent and pretty much whatever other feature you care to name. One’s a thoughtful and serious novel, the other a collection of very brief, often bawdy humor pieces. The only things they have in common are that both are from the […]

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May 26 at Shangri-La, Part 1

The last weekly coffeehouse of May is in full swing! Tonight’s first DVD was THE LABYRINTH (David Bowie, etc); tarot cards are now being read; Milo is running rampant (though in mostly cute way, despite knocking over the creepy butler cutout); good number of people are starting to come in…. Outside at the Maison De […]

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May 19 at the Shangri-La, Part 3

One last report from ¬†tonight’s Grand Midway Coffeehouse night… THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES has just been followed by the inevitable ANCIENT ALIENS’ episode. Meanwhile, I’ve just survived (hardly came close to winning) a marathon game of Cards Against Humanity. Others are carrying on as I write this. Just handed Blair my phone with info on some […]

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May 19 at the Shangri-La, part 2

Above: Our Intrepid Leader: Grand Midway owner Blair Murphy. Nice crowd tonight at the Grand Midway. Newcomers, old standbys, etc. But now, with SCHOOL OF ROCKS over, Blair makes a dubious choice for the next DVD movie…JACKASS: THE MOVIE? A flick that starts with a ‘Don’t try any of this nonsense in this movie’ kind […]

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May 19 at Shangri-La, Part 1

The Grand Midway–Windber’s Haunted Hotel–has another of its weekly coffeehouse’s going, even as you read this. Today’s first movie on DVD: Jack Black’s comedy SCHOOL OF ROCK. The resident dogs (including 3-legged Greta and tiny attention whore Jeter) are on the scene, while the 4 cats are out and about in the outdoor ‘cat-walk’ (Maison […]

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Another E-Book Contribution Out

I somehow overlooked the fact that another of my stories—a fantasy tale called “Essences” was released yesterday (May 18) by the Bride of Chaos people in their latest e-book of SF/F stories: 9 TALES FROM ELSEWHERE #6. Available exclusively from Amazon for $2.99. This story, involving the magical theft of a sleeping person’s soul (resulting […]

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May 12, 2016: Coffeehouse part 2

A slow night here at the Shangri-La, so this is likely my last update of the evening. Still, some interesting things… Before it got dark, I established that I am–after a fashion–a pussy magnet. Merlin, Blair’s big, snow-white house cat was out and about in the outdoor cat-walk attached to the side of the Midway.I […]

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