April 21 Blog at the Grand Midway, Part 2

Very respectable crowd–nice mix of new folks and regulars–coming in at the coffee lounge, but plenty for room for more–come on down!

Hosers beware! The movie playing now is “Strange Brew.” The dreaded Mackenzie Brothers running amok!!!

Blair is conducting a mini-tour for several newcomers, complete with the history of this wonderful old haunted hotel. Syn Berns is also showing the place to an old friend she recently re-connected with. And pretty much everybody else is (or earlier was) loving on the resident canines (little, cuddly Jeter and much larger, but also cuddly and 3-legged Greta).

And yes, I’ve been showing off the newly received trade paperback copy of the FROM THE DRAGON LORD’S LIBRARY, Volume 1 (I have one of the eleven dragon-centered fantasy stories in this thick anthology from England’s 18th Wall Productions).

If my laptop’s battery holds out, I should post a 3rd blog installment later tonight.

Meanwhile, GOOOOO Penguins! (Must go check how they’re doing tonight in game 4 of playoff series vs the Rangers).



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