April 21 at the Grand Midway, Part 1

The Shangri-La Coffee Lounge is open for the evening! Designer coffees perking, water for various teas also heating. Some standard “Ancient Alien” silliness is presently killing time on the Lounge’s DVD player (actual movies to come soon); owner Blair Murphy is doing some last-minute sweeping and a couple early-comers (including me) are using the free Wi-Fi.

I got here a bit early today and got to celebrate the still-warm and not-yet raining weather by playing with most of the Midway cats in their outdoor, multi-story playground (The Maison De Meow). At first only attention-hog Pineapple was out and about, rubbing against the chicken wire enclosure to encourage pets. But 3 more (Egypt, Japan and finally even standoffish Merlin) were eventually coaxed out the window of their 2nd story apartment’s window and climbed down their walkway for their share of the affection.

The fabulous “Anything is Possible Lions” are now standing guard outside the building (they’re statues, friends–relax–though very BIG ones and pretty darn impressive). But don’t take my word for it…look yourself!

Ah. now playing: “Zoolander”–with more reports later tonight!

Midway Lions


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