SILLY SCI-FI FUN? Sorry, Not So Much….

Recently saw a sillier-than-most Japanese sci-fi film, ran as a mid-afternoon time-filler on the Comet TV channel. No idea what the original title was, but the dubbed into English version for US release in 1970 was called “Voyage into Space.”

Alien saucer from the planet Gargoyle invades Japan’s airspace, fights and destroys 5 fighter planes but seems to crash into the sea. 6 months later, weird and (like most everything in this spacey romp) unconvincingly nasty things start happening to ships.

Seems the super-advanced aliens have forced a human scientist to build them a great big robot to further their plans of taking over Earth. Why would being capable of interstellar flight need tech help from 20th century humans? Don’t ask sensible questions–just go with the silliness and you’ll have some (very mild) fun.

The special effects are comparable to such later fare as various POWER RANGERS tv kiddie shows–comparable as in Not Quite As Good As.

Blame those Gods of Cheapo film-releasing known as American International Pictures for this nonsense, if you must. But if you like good-natured dumbness . . .well, come to think of it, it’s not even much on the So-Bad-It’s-Kind-Of-Good front.So just skip this one….


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