April 28 Coffeehouse, Part 3

Less than an hour to go tonight at the Grand Midway and the crowd’s thinning out. PRINCE videos playing now (Blair was his personal assistant, way back when). Earlier: Tarot cards got read. And a number of people seriously restocked their personal libraries at the Free Book table (you know who you are Synthia!). An […]

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April 28 Coffeehouse, Part 2

The Shangri-La proceeds…The SCA demonstration/talk was fascinating–medieval weapons, helmets, etc passed around; info on upcoming events (local and beyond) passed along; a couple videos of mock battles–all shown in the Grand Midway’s dining hall. Meanwhile, medieval-themed DVDs (EXCALIBUR just now) continue playing in the main coffee lounge. While I was taking in the presentation, it […]

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April 28 Coffee Lounge, PART ONE

The weekly Shangri-La Coffee Lounge at Windber’s Grand Midway Hotel is open! The 1st of Peter Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy is playing on the bar’s screen. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee is brewed; there’s hot water for various teas. Blair has put out a special table of used books. There are usual assorted […]

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April 21 at the Grand Midway, Part 3

My battery is going into energy saving mode, so time for the last blog update of the evening! The comedy run ends (or does it? Snigger) with the DVD of “The 300” on the lounge screen. The amateur ghosthunters enjoyed checking out the place tonight. Now one is apparently teaching another the basics of playing […]

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April 21 Blog at the Grand Midway, Part 2

Very respectable crowd–nice mix of new folks and regulars–coming in at the coffee lounge, but plenty for room for more–come on down! Hosers beware! The movie playing now is “Strange Brew.” The dreaded Mackenzie Brothers running amok!!! Blair is conducting a mini-tour for several newcomers, complete with the history of this wonderful old haunted hotel. […]

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April 21 at the Grand Midway, Part 1

The Shangri-La Coffee Lounge is open for the evening! Designer coffees perking, water for various teas also heating. Some standard “Ancient Alien” silliness is presently killing time on the Lounge’s DVD player (actual movies to come soon); owner Blair Murphy is doing some last-minute sweeping and a couple early-comers (including me) are using the free […]

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SILLY SCI-FI FUN? Sorry, Not So Much….

Recently saw a sillier-than-most Japanese sci-fi film, ran as a mid-afternoon time-filler on the Comet TV channel. No idea what the original title was, but the dubbed into English version for US release in 1970 was called “Voyage into Space.” Alien saucer from the planet Gargoyle invades Japan’s airspace, fights and destroys 5 fighter planes […]

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