Blogging From the Grand Midway!

Right now at the Shangri-La Coffee Lounge in Windber, PA’s historic (and haunted) Grand Midway Hotel: The DVD of BLACK MASS, violent movie about people around infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bolger starring Johnny Depp is playing; coffees available tonight are Dunkin Donuts Regular Blend and Cafe du Monde’s Coffee & Chicory Blend, plus a wide range of teas, hot cocoa, even apple cider–all you care to drink for the single $3/person admission fee (snacks and cold soda also available for modest extra amounts, along with used books, incense sticks and other small gift items).

Chess matches underway; D&D gamers assembling in the side room; assorted artworks (paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, whatever) on display. Tarot reader on hand, if anyone needs a reading; free Wi-Fi (how I’m blogging this) and lots of creative folks here to chat with…all till 11 PM.

Come on down!!!


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