2 Stories, a Poem Coming in April

Night To Dawn 29Two of my stories (one horror, one Science Fiction) and a horrific poem are either out or just about to be released.

My horror poem “Upon Encountering Your Ghost” is reprinted in issue 29 of the print magazine NIGHT TO DAWN, dated April but out already. Get info or order at bloodredshadow.com. You can also buy a copy from Amazon.

A pair of e-book anthologies coming out in April include stories my yours truly, too.

“In His Element” is a new story about a serial killer in the 1920s who believes himself the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.It’s in 9 TALES TOLD IN THE DARK #12, available exclusively from Amazon.

Meanwhile, “Kind Eyes”–my early SF story of a troubled psionic healer on a newly settled colony world is getting republished for the first time since 1986 in the same company’s e-book 9 TALES FROM ELSEWHERE #5.

All are available RIGHT NOW–visit my Author Page: amazon.com/authors/leejim.

And, oh what the heck, here’s a look at the covers!Tales from elsewhere 5Tales Told in the Dark 12

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