When a Story Idea Doesn’t Quite Work Out

I’ve had this experience. sometimes that “great idea” just refuses to come together that first (or second or third) time. But when it does…right now I’m waiting to see if one such finally sells (at least 10 YEARS after initial idea). Up to the editor now…


neuronsTHIS IS MORE within the realms of short story writing, but can apply to novels too. Sometimes I have a great idea for a story, one of those thunderbolts that gets me excited to put fingers to keyboard, you know the ones? – where you think of a beautiful twist and the story is there, like a movie in the mind, from start to finish.

Ocassionally, that story pours out in a frenzied session of laptop abuse, leaving me entirely satisfied with the end result. Quite frequently though, that doesn’t happen. I can’t explain it. I doubt a room full of scientists would be able to elucidate it, beyond registering some neurons firing on a screen and scratching their heads. For whatever reason, that essential skeleton that the story needs to hang from is there; the plot, the twist, but, the end result is Frankesnteinian, with skin hanging loosely, body…

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