SWEET DEAL ON “Best Of” Anthology!

There’s this art and literary magazine out of South Africa (of all places), EALAIN MAGAZINE. It’s available online from Magzter.com (which sells an incredible variety of magazines from all over). Anyway, they put out 10 themed issues in their first year–even used a poem of mine for the “extinction” issue.

Now to celebrate, they’ve released a “best of” ebook anthology. I’m very honored to have had my poem “The Dumping Ground” included. Of course I’d love as many people as possible to read my work. But I wondered: how many people (even if they’re among my best fans) are gonna buy a full book (even a low-cost ebook) just for one poem?

Sure, there’s a lot of other good stuff by others there–artwork, fiction, nonfiction, poems. But still…

So, to drum up extra interest, I got with the editor and arranged a special promotional premium exclusively for people I can get to buy the anthology–3 full issues of the magazine FREE when you buy the ebook and use my exclusive coupon code!

Here’s how it works: First buy the ebook at the regular price at http://www.magzter.com/za/mpa-publishing/Ealain/Art/142103. While there, you’ll want to check into the themes of the regular issues to decide which topics most appeal to you. Then email the editor at mpadumbratus.queries@gmail.com. Inform her that you bought the anthology, mention coupon code JL001 and tell her which 3 complete issues you’d like. She’ll send them along via email ABSOLUTELY FREE as soon as she’s confirmed with Magzter that you bought the book!

There will, of course be some overlap (I believe, for example that my poem is one of 3 items from the “extinction” issue picked for the book). But there was plenty of interesting writing and attractive artwork they didn’t have room for in a single ebook.


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