zombie dream .jpgAnybody up for a low-budget zombie flick that’s funny, weird, has original music and which blends horror with sharp social commentary? How about the fact that it’s got Eric Roberts, Butch Patrick and comic book legend Stan Lee in it? Okay, it’s also got me in it as a particularly obnoxious zombie–but don’t let that stop you!

It was filmed all over Pennsylvania, with a particular emphasis on Filmmaker Blair Murphy’s gloriously haunted home, the historic Grand Midway Hotel, just down the street from me in Windber, PA.

It’s called ZOMBIE DREAM, folks. Blair worked on this beast FOUR LONG YEARS. It’s been out on DVD a while now (hey, I just started doing this blog thing THIS WEEK, so I’m trying to catch up–telling the universe about anything of interest I’m connected with). To learn more and then buy this direct-to-video masterpiece (as you’ll surely want to, if you’re as freaky an SOB as I am) visit the movie’s official website: http://www.zombiedreammovie.com.

And for the Official Trailer, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjrtUwGOKIo.

And check out the photo gallery at the site. Yes, that’s me chomping down on fake intestines. Also, I can now testify that fake blood tastes even worse than the real stuff…hee, hee!

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