Dragon-loving fantasy readers rejoice! 18th Wall Productions, an intrepid small press over in England, recently unleashed upon an unsuspecting universe a 292-page book composed entirely of stories about your favorite beasties. It’s called FROM THE DRAGON LORD’S LIBRARY, Volume 1  and contains eleven dragon-centric tales from as many different writers (including “The Dying Dragon” by your truly). Settings range from mythic to historical to contemporary, there’s humor and adventure, drama and comedy. And check out the cover art below!

It’s just $12.99 in trade paperback (available from Amazon, Amazon CreateSpace and can be ordered from most any ‘traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ type bookstore in the US as well).

Ebooks more you budget-conscious style? Fine. The same book is available electronically from Amazon’s Kindle shop for $3.99. While you’re at it, check out my Author Page:  (where you can buy either version plus a whole slew of other anthologies I’ve contributed to).

Oh, and did you sharp-eyed souls notice the “Volume 1” part? Yes, there’s a 2nd book in the series–also just out, available in the same places and with 9 more dragonesque stories to delight, amuse and excite. Good stuff all around (even if that book doesn’t have any of my writing).

.The Dragon Lord's Library Volume 1


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