Major Anthology News!

Gil Bavel, one of the most thoughtful and hardworking new editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with is in the middle of putting together a Major SF/F/H anthology for release later this year at The World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City. It’s called CLASH OF THE TITLES and with a lineup that includes established/top-notch people such as David Gerrold, Mike Resnick, Deborah Walker and Paul Levinson, along with a slew of other talented, if lesser known contributors–it promises to be an outstanding book.

But Gil needs seed money to bring the project to full fruition. Right now, he needs to sign on a top-notch cover artist and pay for professional copyediting. Accordingly, he’s doing not one–but TWO crowdfunding efforts.

The first is up and running RIGHT NOW. So anyone with an interest in bringing what could very well be the original genre fiction anthology of the year, please visit and, if possible, contribute to seeing Mr. Bavel’s dream project become the marvelous reality I’m sure it can/should/will be!


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